pdf کتاب داستان انگلیسی پیتر پن Peter Pan سطح یک

کتاب داستان انگلیسی پیتر پن Peter Pan سطح یک

در این مقاله ما کتاب داستان انگلیسی سطح یک پیتر پن Peter Pan را از مجموعه کتاب های سطح بندی شده برای شما آماده کرده ایم.


یکی از بهترین روش های یادگیری زبان انگلیسی و همچنین تقویت مهارت شنیداری، خواندن و همچنین افزایش دایره لغات و واژگان، استفاده از کتاب داستان های سطح بندی شده است. از نقاط قوت این روش این است که کلمات و لغات جدیدی که در سیر داستان آموخته می شود. و وارد حافظه ی دراز مدت خواهد شد و تا مدت های زیادی در ذهن باقی خواهد ماند. کتاب داستان های معرفی شده به همراه فایل PDF و فایل صوتی ارائه می شوند.

کتاب داستان انگلیسی پیتر پن Peter Pan

درباره نویسنده کتاب Sir James M Barrie

Hello, Fm James Barrie!
I come from Scotland.
I’m a writer and 1 love writing books and plays for the theatre. I have a big St Bernard dog called Porthos. I often take him to Kensington Gardens in London. Here I meet many children and tell them stories. My first novel is The Little Minister (1891). My play Peter Pan (1904) is a big success. Children and adults like this play a lot.
(Sir James M Barrie dies in London in 1937.)

J M Barrie likes children very much. He wants children to be well and happy. In London there is a hospital for sick children called Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Barrie often visits this hospital because he wants to help the children. Barrie is a very generous1 man. In 1929 he makes an important decision: Every time Peter Pan is performed in a theatre, the money from the play goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. This money helps the children, the hospital, the doctors and the nurses. Peter Pan is performed once a year at the hospital. This is a very happy event for the sick children.

بخش اول The Nursery

endy, John and Michael Darling live in a lovely house in London. They have got a big, sunny nursery. There are colourful pictures and a big clockon the wall. There are toys here and there. The Darlings are a happy family. Mr Darling and Mrs Darling love their children very much. Wendy is the first child, John is the second and Michael is the third. The children’s nanny 2 is called Nana and she is a big Newfoundland dog! Her kennel is in the nursery and she is a wonderful nanny. She loves the children and the children love her. One evening Mr and Mrs Darling want to go to a dinner party. They have their best clothes on. ‘Nana, it’s time to put the children to bed,’ says Mrs Darling.

Nana goes to the bathroom. She turns on the hot water for Michael’s bath. She puts her paw in the water to check the temperature. It’s perfect!

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