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در این مقاله ما کتاب داستان انگلیسی سطح سه ناوگان ماه Moonfleet را از مجموعه کتاب های سطح بندی شده برای شما آماده کرده ایم.


یکی از بهترین روش های یادگیری زبان انگلیسی و همچنین تقویت مهارت شنیداری، خواندن و همچنین افزایش دایره لغات و واژگان، استفاده از کتاب داستان های سطح بندی شده است. از نقاط قوت این روش این است که کلمات و لغات جدیدی که در سیر داستان آموخته می شود. و وارد حافظه ی دراز مدت خواهد شد و تا مدت های زیادی در ذهن باقی خواهد ماند. کتاب داستان های معرفی شده به همراه فایل PDF و فایل صوتی ارائه می شوند.

کتاب داستان انگلیسی ناوگان ماه Moonfleet

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John Meade Falkner was born on 8 May 1858 in Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire, England. His father was the village parson 1 and also a scholar. Falkner was educated at Marlborough College and Hertford College, Oxford. After Oxford he went to Newcastle and worked as the tutor to the family of Sir Andrew Noble. Noble was the director of Armstrong’s of Newcastle, one of the biggest arms manufacturers in the world. In 1916 Falkner became chairman of the company. His career was varied because he had many interests: poetry, literature, architecture and antiques. During his many business trips around the world Falkner brought back ancient treasures of all kinds. He was also a map maker and wrote a pocket guide to Oxford in 1894 and to Berkshire in 1902.

The Mohunes

Moonfleet is a village about half a mile from the sea on the west fiEl side of the Fleet stream. The village is separated from the English Channel by a lagoon and a big beach. When I was a child 1 thought the village was called Moonfleet because on a calm night the moon shines brightly on the lagoon. But later I learned that the name comes from ‘Mohune-fleet’ the Mohune family were once important people in the area.
My name is John Trenchard and I was fifteen when this story began. My parents had been dead for years and 1 lived with my aunt, Miss Arnold, a kind but strict woman. It was late in October of 1757 and I was sitting in the living room reading a book called The Arabian Nights* Entertainment. When it became too dark to read I got up and went out into the street. It was a poor street because Moonfleet was a poor village, with not even two hundred people. The sun had set and it was beginning to get dark. I walked along to Ratsey’s house because I could hear him working there, Ratsey was the sexton 1 and the mason 2 of the village.


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